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Every week they come for one hour and make my house sparkle! For so long I felt hiring a cleaning service would be a waste of money when I could just do it myself. But let me tell you, it has been so worth it! What takes them one hour to complete would take me all day with everything that I juggle! I have more time each week to focus on serving my clients, spending time with my kids and husband, and just have more energy in general! If you are looking for a great team, look no further ! These are your girls. 💪🏻

Yvonne R

I love having Mop Copz come over. Whether its for the whole house or just the spots I don't like cleaning, they always do a GREAT job. They are nice, efficient and very easy to work with. They leave me with a sparkling house. I highly recommend them!

Melinda M

Busy Mom & Business Owner

I give Mop Copz a double thumbs up. The cleaners are great, owner is great to schedule with. This family owned business is fantastic. I definitely recommend using them. You won't regret it A++++



I can't express how much these ladies have helped me out! I called Kasi at Mop Copz and she was super sweet and understanding. She made sure to schedule me in on my availability and offered me different options for what I could afford. I feel less stressed after the cleaners leave. My husband even loves when they come. He says the smell of our home is CLEAN. Having their help has made me happy and my husband. Its a win win

Mommy and Wife

I took advantage of being a "training" house and having Mop Copz come to clean for me. I am so happy with all they got done in the time they were here, especially dusting the ceiling fans and blinds. Dusting is my least favorite chore! My house looks and feels clean. I am now going to be a regular customer

Chrissy G

I have Mop Copz clean my home from top to bottom on a bi weekly basis and I think the ladies that come are great. Its always the same 2 ladies which I like because I know who is in my home unlike other cleaning companies I have used having different people clean everytime. These ladies do a great job all though I did have an issue with the first clean and something wasnt cleaned that was supposed to get done. I called the owner and expressed my concerns and she was very apologetic and sent the ladies back over at no charge to clean what was missed.. Mind you I am very picky and felt bad for calling because it was just that I noticed my sliding glass door was missed but they came back with a smile and very happy to wash that door for me.. They have proven to be the best by far and I have used a few companies before but I like the way this company works and I have had no other issues since and its been wonderful

Client of Mop Copz LLC

I am a stay at home mom but a very busy one at that. Between taking care of my kids and all their after school activities, being a mom, running all our errands, cooking etc I find it hard to to keep up on all the house work I barely find time to pick up let alone clean the toilets and mop the floors!! I called and spoke to Kasi (owner) of Mop Copz and she was professional, nice and very flexible with getting us scheduled in. We have used their services several times and have been more than satisfied the gals that come clean are very thorough, professional and nice. They always walk in with a smile and seem happy to do their job. All in all I give Mop Copz an A+

Katie I


We have used Mop Copz for awhile now and they have been very professional and have exceeded my expectations. My house always looks and smells great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Happy Client

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